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Chapter 1 - General Government

Chapter 2 - Public Records

Chapter 3 - Fire Protection

Chapter 4 - Traffic Code

Chapter 5 - Public Peace and Good Order

Chapter 7 - Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

Chapter 8 - Ambulance

Chapter 9 - Building Code

Chapter 10 - Public Nuisance

Chapter 11 - Street and Road Construction

Chapter 17 - Zoning Code

Chapter 19 - Miscellaneous

Chapter 20 - Harmful and Exotic Wild Animal

Chapter 22 - All Terrain Vehicle Route



Establish Fee and Forfeiture Schedule Pursuant to Town Utility Ordinance

Establish Fee Pursuant to the Town Driveway and Culvert Permit Ordinance

Setting Fees for Building Permits and Inspections

Misc. Fee Schedule

Cost of a Special Board Meeting for Approval of Permits

Establishing a Refund Policy for Overpayments

Solid Waste Collection (Garbage)